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What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & TFT (Thought Field Therapy)?

EFT & TFT are both based on Chinese Energy Therapy which addresses energy imbalances within the body. TFT is based around tapping specific meridian energy lines and EFT is based around an overall tapping of energy lines, both are equally as effective. The techniques involve tapping on certain energy meridian lines within the upper part of the body, it is a very gentle and easy technique and the beauty is there are: No needles, No pills or chemicals, No pushing or pulling of the body.

These techniques have helped thousands of people with all sorts of physical and emotional issues. The great thing is both techniques take very little time to do and some issues are cured very quickly whilst other issues which are more complex may take a little bit longer. Depending on the issue we may use either of these techniques together with hypnotherapy and coaching. Clients are also shown how to use the techniques as they are easy to learn. The good news is many of our clients have found these techniques invaluable in helping themselves and family members with different issues.

What issues can EFT & TFT help with?

EFT & TFT can be used to conquer fears, phobias, negative habits, weight loss, post traumatic stress, personal issues, pain and physical symptoms, to improve performance in business, sport and on stage. It is risk-free and has no side effects.

You will be amazed at how effective these treatments can be on issues that you have been living with for years! Just imagine being free of that problem after one or two sessions. The other point to make is you do not have to believe in these techniques to see results – I have treated many a skeptic who after treatment is no longer a skeptic!

Interesting Facts:

Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, and a colleague were asked by the Veterans Association in Los Angeles to try EFT on soldiers who had fought in Vietnam and who subsequently were suffering severe symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. Symptoms included insomnia, depression, headaches, nightmares etc. One soldier called Rick had been in therapy for 17 years suffering a whole barrage of symptoms. After applying several rounds of EFT the symptoms were gone – yes he could still remember the memory but it did not hold any emotional fear and intensity anymore and subsequently his emotional and physical symptoms disappeared. He was quoted as saying: – “It is like walking out of prison” Two months on from the treatment the symptoms had not returned.

Dr. Roger Callahan, Founder of TFT, first treated a lady called Mary over 30 years ago who had been in therapy with Dr. Callahan for her profound fear of water which had been with her since infancy. After applying TFT Mary was able to not only approach water but go into the sea. Thirty years on Mary now enjoys going into the water and her fear of water is gone to this day.

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