At ChangeSwithin we know that there are times when a particular problem no matter how hard you try will not get resolved. Issues such as stopping smoking, losing weight, phobias and fears usually have an underlying emotion involved such as anxiety, past trauma, stress or lack of confidence which makes it very difficult to address the problem using willpower alone. The habits, behaviours and memories which you have learned or been part of is stored in your unconscious mind and this is why Hypnotherapy is so successful in treating many of these issues.

We offer clients a confidential, private and friendly environment to discuss what you would like to change. We will put together the most appropriate treatment to bring about the changes that will allow you to live the life you want. In some instances one session is all that is needed to resolve for example a phobia you have lived with for years. However, depending on the problem you may need a little bit longer.

We specialize in helping people to stop smoking, lose weight using a highly successful weight loss programme (see our weight loss page) build confidence, conquer phobias and fears. Whether you are looking for one to one life coaching or to change a negative behaviour find out how we can help you to make those positive life changes. We offer all our clients a free half hour consultation either by phone or email to discuss what it is they would like help with. Call 07827 446607 or email carlene@changeswithin.org.uk to find out more or to book your free half hour consultation.

Another key area that ChangeSwithin are involved in is Coaching and Mentoring projects for young people. We are currently working with groups of Year 10/11 teenagers to build their confidence and self esteem, to help identify and change those limiting beliefs that are preventing them from achieving their dreams and being the person they really would like to be. The projects are fun and interactive and the tools and techniques we provide will help them in all key areas of their life now and in the future. If you are a school who prides themselves in doing all they can to support and develop their pupils, then find out more about this innovative style of coaching call us on 07827 446607 or email carlene@changeswithin.org.uk.

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